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The #TalktoJV Show

Jul 17, 2019

Kenny and JV have both got podcasts going out of Edmonton, Alberta and they are both 20 episodes deep. Some tips for new podcasters based on what they have learned so far.

Kenny and JV dive deep on brotherly bonds, marketing, martial arts and more.

Jul 10, 2019

Marek Komar is all about helping people to be in the zone or as he calls it "Flow State". Listen in as him and JV discuss Flow State as it relates to sports, business and life in general.

What is a psychological performance coach? What is Flow State? How can you be in the zone more?
A performance psychology deep dive,...

Jul 3, 2019

Tony brought up a fairly common but powerful quote: "If you think you can or can't... You are right!" (attributed to Henry Ford, we didn't know who during the episode).

In addition, we discussed travelling for work, the buckets of entrepreneurship, having an All-in attitude (as GT/Yousaf calls it) and the real estate...

Jul 2, 2019

Great chat from one of my recent episodes with Amit and Naina. If you are busy starting a business or balancing work, I think you might get some value from it.

Being a busy entrepreneurial family is hard to manage. You get pulled in all directions and somehow you have to try to find some balance. Amit and Naina share...